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The Company has expertise in manufacturing various sanitary, water works, Industrial and Agricultural Casting in Grey and Ductile iron of various grades and International Standards. The manufacturing range of casting is from a weight of few grams to several hundred kilograms.

Sanitary Castings Industrial Castings Ornamental Castings
Manhole Rings & Covers Plumber Block Grills
Catch Basin Frames & Grates/Hoods Counter Weight Tree Grates
Manhole Riser Rings Agricultural Parts Bench Ends
Valve Box Railways Track Parts Lamp Post
Valve Box Riser Post & Telegraph Bollard
Water Meter Boxes Wall Bracket
Manhole Steps Fire Place
Trench Gratings Figure
Pipe Fittings
Cast Iron, Ductile Iron Fittings
Cast Iron Spun Pipes - Drainage

SIEWcan supply castings as per customer's specification and drawing both in unmachined and machined condition.

The Bottom Line:
Clients come for skills and cost, stay for quality. At Shankar Iron, 80% clients do repeat business.